PTC Thirteen, blog and social media update

At 11am the US National Hurricane Center started advisories on Potential Tropical Cyclone Thirteen. It will likely become a real depression overnight, and a tropical storm tomorrow. NHC started advisories with the “PTC” tag because it’s technically not a tropical cyclone, but is so close to land that they didn’t want to wait to start advisories. Here is the track and my TAOS/TC model impact swath, expected to be a hurricane at landfall in Nicaragua on Sunday.

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I deeply appreciate the offers of help and contributions as I sort out what to do next! The blog and social media are undergoing extensive revisions, and most of the content either moved, deleted or in the process of being deleted, so there’s probably lots of dead links. The Patreon site has been shut down, I just don’t feel I can support it, and at the moment not taking any contributions via the blog until I have a plan (then you can decide if it’s worth it!). I’m considering how to move forward after this season, and if I do so will likely take some of you up on offers to help.