#Nicole wrap-up

Nicole is now a tropical depression, over central Georgia, continuing to decay and transition form a warm core (tropical) system into a non-tropical system. Here’s what it looks like on the radar composite around 6am ET today (Friday 11 Nov 2022) which of course is embiggenable by clicking:

MRMS Radar Composite. Nicole the swirl over Georgia, incoming front the line of rain to the left.

For those in GA/SC, for the coast there are still some rain bands moving across the area and gusty winds, but those will clear out as the day goes on. The tornado threat has moved on, north of Charleston and declining. The only report I have seen of a tornado was a funnel cloud near Jacksonville. As for impacts, it was pretty much as expected, concentrated on the coast. Here are the NWS Local Storm Reports for the last 48 hours. There were flood reports around Brunswick, the only ones I see around Savannah were US 80 briefly closed around the time of high tide, and that looks like it.

NWS Local Storm Reports for Nicole as of 5am.

Impacts in Florida are of course worse. At least two deaths have been attributed to the storm, it is probably higher as such things tend to be undercounted. There is dramatic video of homes falling into the water near Daytona Beach due to the erosion that Ian got started, and Nicole made worse. Right now it looks like close to $4 Billion in damage – upwards of a third of that from the weakened state of infrastructure in Florida from Ian.

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