White Christmas in Savannah?

I’ve had a sudden flurry of people asking about snow on Christmas weekend. The answer for coastal GA and SC is probably …

Grumpy cat also says no, but the how-about-no bear is the original meme.

But of course there’s more to it than that. There is an arctic air mass forecast to enter the southeast next weekend along with a front. Now, keep in mind that forecasts seven to ten days out are really more outlooks than forecasts, but it does look at this point like there may be snow of some kind as far south as the Atlanta area, so the usual suspects are going in to hype mode. Here is a map of estimated radar with precipitation type, showing rain, freezing rain, and snow for Christmas morning from the GFS model:

Atlanta will be a Mad Max style wasteland on Christmas Day if this forecast holds.

You can see the snow (white/blue) to freezing rain (orange/purple) line runs as it tend to do along the I-85 corridor – the Atlanta area and north gets snow, along that line to Macon gets freezing rain, south of that gets rain. But as the front pushes south it should change over to rain … Athens/Columbia may bet snow, Augusta probably freezing rain or ice pellets. The coast may not much of anything, even rain. Here’s an animation of Christmas day:

Again, this is really uncertain at this point (Saturday 17 December) – as it gets closer the forecasts will firm up, and by next Thursday and they should be more reliable. We’ll know for sure late Christmas Day 😛 …

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